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Logdy is real-time, fully web-based web analytics/statistics with fast AJAX reports, drill-down reports feature, filters by date and invisible tracker code. Allows sharing statistics and can send statistics summary in a daily email. FREE for websites getting under 500 visitors per day.


Unlike many other analytics solutions, Logdy is real-time, which means that when a visitor comes to your website you see the visitor in your statistics reports immediately. No need to wait for many hours! See your CURRENT statistics!

All the necessary reports

Logdy includes all the necessary reports a web analytics must have and even more! Logdy informs you about your visitors (daily, weekly, monthly summaries, countries, languages, timezones), sources of visitors (keywords, search engines, referring pages, referring domains and more), visitor navigation (entry pages, exit pages, pages popularity, visit depths, visit duration), outbound links and pages, technical stuff (browsers, browser types, platforms, screen resolutions, screen color depths).

Detailed information about EACH recent visitor

With Logdy you see the details about each of your recent visitors. This information includes: country, browser, operating system, referrer, screen resolution and even all pageviews!

Track your website's history and see your current dynamic statistics

Logdy stores the history of your website audience (number of visitors, number of returning visitors, number of pageloads) starting from the date you registered and put the JavaScript code. Logdy also tracks the latest detailed information about your audience - Keywords, Search engines, Referring pages, Browsers, Screen resolutions, Color depths, Timezones, Countries and more!

Drill down reports

Need complex filters to see your website's statistics? What if you want to see all visitors from United States who used Yahoo to find your main page with a particular keyword? With Logdy it's easy! Complex filters with Keywords, Entry Pages, Countries, Search Engines and more!

Advanced search engines support

Detects keywords your visitors use to find your website in 70 search engines: Google (in each domain separately, includes Google Image Search), Yahoo! Search, Bing, Live/MSN Search, Ask.com, AOL, AltaVista, Search.com, Lycos, AllTheWeb, Hotbot, Netscape, CNN, Baidu, Looksmart, Gigablast, Najdi, Wirtualna Polska, Onet, Netsprint, Interia, Szukacz,Yam, Mamma, Pchome, MySpace Search, Yandex, Rambler, Mail.ru, Terra, Tiscali, Bigmir.net, Meta.ua, 1klik, a9, Abacho, Alexa, Aport.ru, Atlas.cz, BBC, Bluewin, Centrum, DMOZ, Dogpile, Eniro, Euroseek, Excite, Fireball, Ihmemaa, ilse, InfoSpace, i-une, ixquick, jyxo, Kvasir, Meta Miner, Ofir, Search.ch, Seznam, Start.no, TDC Online, T-Online, Virgilio/Alice, Voila, Web.de, WebCrawler, WebFetch, Zoohoo.

Where do they go after viewing your website?

With Logdy you know this! View the number of visitors who clicked on each of your outbound link. And even more - know all your pages from which your visitors click outbound links. Drill-down these reports like any others to see the list with details about each visitor!

Get your statistics by email

You can configure Logdy to send your statistics summary each midnight to your email.

Share your stats (if you want to)

By default your statistics is private so that only you can access your reports in Logdy. But if you would like to share the statistics, Logdy allows you to do this with just a few clicks. Logdy generates a special link where your stats can be accessed in read-only mode. And it's up to you to share this link with a few friends or with the whole world.

Ignore your own visits

If you decide that your website statistics should not include your own visits, Logdy can add a special cookie to your browser.

Modern analytics

Logdy uses cloud-based server infrastructure from one of the innovative providers which means scalability and performance for our users. Logdy uses AJAX technology to provide the fastest user experience.

Web-based, easy to use

Probably Logdy is the easiest to use web analytics solution available. Just click on a report name and you see the necessary numbers/graphs. No annoying redundant extra features. Just the stats that makes sense.

No ads, no spyware, no impact on your website

Just like in other web analytics services, to use Logdy you put a small JavaScript code on your website. But our code is invisible, it doesn't show any banners, popups or buttons. Our JavaScript code doesn't track any personal data of your visitors.

FREE options

For website owners who have only one not-yet popular website we offer our FREE plan. If you need more, we offer FREE 30 days trials for other plans - and we don't ask for a credit card when registering an account.

And more!

Easy registration, support by email, user-friendly interface, multiple websites per user account, safe and secure password protected data of your website in one place available to you anytime and anywhere, data export and printing, no hidden fees, no long-term contracts, cancel, downgrade or upgrade at any time...

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Live demo

View Logdy in action!. No forms to fill in, just click the link and see Logdy with real statistics.